ACE, Inc. was established to assist building owners, developers, contractors and designers with evaluation of their construction projects. Our goal is to provide design evaluation, administration and coordination for compliance with requirements of the Building and Fire Codes and the International Codes.

We have been involved with life-safety evaluation of: stadiums and arenas, high rise development, commercial projects; and educational, residential, health care, institutional, industrial and manufacturing facilities. Our registered engineers are certified in many disciplines including:

         Registered Professional Engineers

By the International Code Council (ICC)

         Certified Building Official

         Building Plans Examiner

         Commercial Building Inspector

         Building Inspector

         Residential Building Inspector

         Fire Code Official

         Fire Inspector I

         Fire Inspector II

         Fire Prevention I-NFPC

         Fire Inspector II, NFPC

         Elevator Inspector

         Commercial Mechanical Inspector

         Mechanical Inspector

         Residential Mechanical Inspector

         Plumbing Code Official

         Plumbing Plans Examiner

         Commercial Plumbing Inspector

By the National Fire Protection Association

         Fire Plan Examiner

By the International Fire Code Institute

         Uniform Fire Code Inspector

         Fire Code Inspector II