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ACE, Inc. provides building life-safety and fire protection system evaluation for its clients. A comprehensive evaluation report will identify all relevant aspects of the design and construction to assist clients in decision-making through introduction of creative code complying solutions to complex regulatory requirements and unique design features.

ACE, Inc. helps architects, engineers, developers, and building owners in the evaluation of building life-safety and fire
protection systems for new construction projects or existing buildings. We also provide design administration and
coordination between disciplines. In addition, ACE, Inc. will prepare and present thorough life-safety analysis and reports to the interested parties.

Our services include:

  • Life-safety and exit analysis for new and existing buildings.

    Evaluate construction documents for compliance with regulatory requirements of the Building and Fire codes. Present solutions tailored to each project for the required level of life-safety and fire protection of the building. Submit life-safety reports to building officials and other Authorities Having Jurisdiction to obtain their approval.


  • Smoke control system evaluation.

    Evaluate and establish smoke control system requirements. Assist the design by introducing simple, cost-effective, code compliant design concepts.

  • Performance-based evaluation of building life-safety requirements.

    For unique projects, introduce alternative design methods to meet facility life-safety system requirements, design goals and objectives. Provide fire modeling to evaluate and justify suitability and adequacy of the life-safety systems for the intended use and occupancy.

  • Evaluation of existing buildings for code compliance.

    Evaluate existing buildings undergoing a change of use and/or occupancy for compliance and Introduce
    solutions to address non-code complying building components and systems.

  • Project review and compliance verification prior to project submittal to AHJs.

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